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Minecraft: Dragon's Quest - Minecraft 1.0 Vanilla ... OferSurfup


Hey I'm dib! I founded Jsocraft in early 2014 with two friends I enjoyed playing Minecraft with in the aim of creating a small community of friends who all recorded videos for YouTube. As well as playing games I enjoy web development and breaking things.

Member since 16th of January 2014


Howdy there! I'm Ofer, but you might know me as OferSurfup. I joined the Jsocraft community at the same time as my brother Alonofer20, around February 2014. I enjoy making YouTube videos, editing them and gaming.

Member since 15th of February 2014


Hi my name is Alon and I enjoy playing PC games. I joined JSO a while back in February 2014 and have regretted it ever since. My favorite fish is the Siamese Fighting Fish and my favorite cereal is Kelloggs Corn Flakes. (Send me food). I made a game a while back, check it out here.

Member since 15th of February 2014


Hello misses & misters, I'm GT, a fellow Jsocraft member. I got invited by my good buddy OferSurfup in the year of 2015. My name GT stands for Gelmir_Telperiën. I have got a genius mascot chicken called Mr. Chickels!!! And I love to have a lot of fun on the Jsocraft server. I'm signing out, see you next time!

Member since 20th of January 2015


This is my bio :D

Member since 08th of January 2016


This is my bio :D

Member since 17th of September 2015


Hey! I'm ZaCrazyFool. Zaf for friends and foes (that means you). I was invited to join Jsocraft on their third world in the summer of 2016. I'm a Minecraft content creator focusing on the PC version of the game. I like to put my spin on things and work on projects that grab my attention at the time.... and I'm the one who ate the last slice of cake. FEAR ME!!!

Member since 07th of July 2016


Ground hit the ground too hard.

Member since 14th of February 2015


Hello there! My name is Roel, also known as BlackOrc over the interwebs. I eat drols in my spare time and I LOVE it!

Member since 16th of January 2014


Hi I'm James and I like to party!

Member since 12th of November 2014


Hi I'm Tola and I like to party!1!!11!!!

Member since 19th of January 2014


Hi I'm Ultriix and I like to party!11!!!1!

Member since 16th of January 2014